Let’s Play Dark Souls Directory

A while ago I started a project doing a Let’s Play of Dark Souls, demonstrating a path through the game for inexperienced players, or players who might be put off by the difficulty. Here is a directory of the individual parts, so you can jump straight in where you want.


Part 1: In which our hero finds himself in the Northern Undead Asylum and has to gather his equipment and fight his way out. Without being jammed into the Asylum Demon’s butt.

Link:  Here

Part 2: In which our hero begins his journey to ring the Bells of Awakening, because he just can’t say no to random strangers who tell him to do things. He also fights a bull demon.

Link: Here

Part 3: In which our hero explores the Undead Parish and meets Solaire of Astora, better known as Brolaire, as well as Andre of Astora, a blacksmith who seems to have misplaced his shirt.

Link: There

Part 4: In which our hero challenges the Bell Gargoyles to ring the first bell of awakening, and things go far better than I had expected! Then he challenges the Capra Demon guarding the key to the Depths, and things go far worse than I had expected!

Link: Click Me

Part 5: In which our hero explores the Depths, encountering Laurentus of the Great Swamp, who can teach us new pyromancies, and Butchers who would like nothing more than to carve us up. I knew that wasn’t beef.

Link: But this IS a link, promise

Bonus: In which our hero accidentally attacks Andre of Astora and must face the wrath of the Shirtless Blacksmith!

Link: Don’t worry, no shirtless blacksmiths here

Part 6: In which our hero returns triumphant to the Northern Undead Asylum, confronts the Stray Demon, and is killed horribly. Repeatedly. Not to be deterred, our hero sneaks past the boss to steal the Rusted Iron Ring.

Link: Knil

Part 7: In which our hero works his way through Blighttown, falls to his death several times, and is attacked with blowdarts, a lot.

Link: I won’t make you toxic


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